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B-Series Torque Setting

B-Series Torque Setting Torque specs:   Torque specs: CYLINDER HEAD BOLT TORQUE SPECS (tightening) / (loosening) 8, 4, 2, 6, 10 7, 3, 1, 5,...

Spoon EK9 Civic Type R (Yellow)

A very nice Civic EK9 in the Y-56 Phoenix Yellow. Photography by Huy Nguyen

Milano Red FN2 @ Greenwich

A very nice looking Milano Red Civic Type R - FN2 was spotted at Angerstein Business Park (Greenwich). It had the following mods: Tow Hook,...

Building A Track Car

Competitors Guide to MSA Scrutineering Requirements Listed below are some of the points you, the competitor must address when preparing a car for racing. They...

98 Spec JDM Honda Integra TypeR DC2

Some amazing shots by Lee John @

Honda Civic – Mugen RR (FD2)

In June of 2007, Mugen announced the release of the performance enhanced FD2 Honda Civic Mugen RR, based on the FD2 Honda Civic Type...

Civic EK9 Wallpaper Download

A couple of wallpapers edited from one of our car shoots. The lovely Civic Type R in Phoenix Yellow (Y56). Standard OEM look with...

All Generation of the Civic Type R

Over five generations and six models, the Honda Civic Type R has become a cult classic, building up a legion of hardcore...