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The all new NSX

Engineering A Dream: The Acura NSX - It began as a dream and went beyond the boundaries of imagination, culminating in the birth...

Civic Type R – Yellow Y56 EK9

Civic Type R - Yellow Y56 EK9

The last cruise of 2012

The VDC went on the last Sunday A10 cruise last night at Enfield. The crowd turned out to be pretty big. It was a...

Car Specs

VTEC is exclusive to only Honda performance cars. As of current, but not limited to, the below listed machines are gifted with this masterpiece...

Honda S2000 – Orange (AP2)

  Honda S2000 - Orange (AP2)

Roaldvanbelle Belgian – Civic EC9

CAR SPEC-LIST: Roaldvanbelle Belgian - Civic EC9 AP Coilovers with Shorter Springs Intra Rims with Bridgestone Potenza Tyres 165/50/15 (7J ET25) Blox Camber kit Golf 3 Front lip Front/Rear Strut...

Acura NSX (Red)

Acura NSX (Red)

Guide to importing a car from Japan

I recently imported a car from auction in Japan. When I began the process, I couldn't find anywhere with a comprehensive overall guide, explaining the...


Honda Civic – Red Type R (FN2)

Car Specs

The last cruise of 2012