The last cruise of 2012


The VDC went on the last Sunday A10 cruise last night at Enfield. The crowd turned out to be pretty big. It was a big gathering with the Honda and the VWs.

Had a few good runs with the white EK9 and the red Cupra R. But towards the end on the way back home, we see a smashed up A4 hit by a Police Van. All the air bag deployed, Police Hit the Front Passenger side. But we assume the driver and the police is fine. We just lucky we didn’t get stopped. Because otherwise you will be able to smell the rubber and the brakes of our cars.

A good cruise for the end of the year 2012, and HELLO 2013! Let us all bring out the VTEC for 2013.

20130101-094833 AM.jpg

20130101-094846 AM.jpg

20130101-094856 AM.jpg

20130101-094906 AM.jpg

20130101-094917 AM.jpg

20130101-094931 AM.jpg

20130101-094945 AM.jpg



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